UFOs – the Vedic Perspective

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Lord Surya

What are UFOs according to the Vedic Perspective?

This lecture series was recorded in Los Angeles at UFO Expo West, 1993.

You can download the lectures in MP3 format here or stream them using the player below.

3 comments on "UFOs – the Vedic Perspective"

  1. Noelle Castro says:

    I don’t see a way to download these links; amazing interview, thanks for making it available!

  2. Sushil Bansal says:

    Please navigate to the following link:

    You will see five hyperlinks of ‘Download (Files)’ for the five mp3 files.
    Use Rt-click on each hyperlink separately and then again on ‘Save Link As…’
    The file will be downloaded to your computer.
    This procedure worked on Firefox browser.
    Happy listening!

  3. Debasish Upadhyay says:

    Wonderful. Such valuable information. Thank you.

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